Suicide Note Poem

Whom (or what) do you blame for teenage suicides such as the one the poem describes? How might such deaths be eliminated?

Parents are a huge problem for college students, they always have very high expectations for them. In many cases they are harder on the girls because they don’t want them to upset them. On guys however they are more easy going since they can get a hard working job that makes them look like a man. Stress and lack of sleep, in my opinion is the second reason  teenagers commit suicide, because sometimes they might stay up late at night to finish studying and doing homework for the next day. Lack of sleep and stress leads to depression which then leads to suicide. To eliminate suicidal deaths parents should not pressure their kids to do more than they can. Students should stay organized and sleep for at least eight hours to prevent stress and depression.

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Guns and Grief

1. What does Rubin mean when she says that the media’s reaction to the shooting was
“a spectacle nearly as obscene as the massacre itself” (1)? Do you agree or do you think she is overstating her case?

  • She means that the media was so appalled by the event they decide to investigate on their own to try to look for answers or the reason why the shooter killed so many students. I agree with Rubin because the media should have waited before publishing any false information.

2.  According to experts interviewed on news shows, what caused the massacre? Why does Rubin disagree with them?

  • Experts believe that the shooter was mentally ill and blame the shooter’s family and his professors and other people who surround him, Rubin in the other hand disagrees and blames guns for the masacre.

3. What does Rubin mean in paragraph 4 when she says. “Theory trumped fact”?

  • She means that it is very easy to get a gun and carry out violent fantasies.

4. When asking who, or what, caused the deadly shootings, Rubin considers the young man’s mental health, his family, school officials, professors, and television and film violence. In what sense may each of these have been responsible?

  • I believe that when people don’t understand each other many things can go wrong. In this case maybe he did not have a good relationship with his family and the school officials didn’t care to help him, and television and film violence make the viewers become violent or commit similar acts.

5. According to Rubin, what is the main cause of the shootings? What are the contributory causes?

  • According to Rubin guns are the main contributory cause of the shootings, because guns unleash a murderous plague that kills and injures far too many victims every year.

6. Rubin begins paragraph 9 with a question. Paraphrase her answers.

  • She says that psychology focuses mainly on the individual but has no focus on putting their behavior in social context, because it assumes that if can change the psychology we can change the behavior and save ourselves from future atrocities.

7. In paragraph 12, Rubin dismisses what she considers some minor causes of shootings like the one at Virginia Tech. Is her dismissal convincing, or does she need more evidence?

  • I do not agree with her but I believe that she has a good point because if it wasn’t for violence in films than people would not get such horrible ideas in their heads to do something so violent.

8. Where in this essay does Rubin make specific recommendations about how to prevent violence?

  • On paragraph 9, where she quotes, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” and says that people would not be able to kill on a mass scale if it wasn’t for guns.

9. How does Rubin deal with the “pesky Second Amendment” (14)? Is her argument persuasive? Why or why not?

  • She thinks that people should not be allowed to bear arms since they kill people and she thinks of the amendment as being stupid, in my opinion people should be allowed to bear arms for protection.
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Description Paper #3

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Major League Baseball Brawl

Write a paragraph suggesting ways to prevent situations such as the one shown in the picture. For example, might high fines deter players from losing their tempers?

To prevent players loosing their temper during a game, they should imply stricter rules like suspending them for the season. By doing this a player would think about the consequences before they start a fight during a game. Doing this a player will most likely think about their team before making a stupid decision and upsetting his team. High fines may also work but in my opinion it would not make a difference because I do not see money as an obstacle that can prevent a situation like the one in the picture.

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What dominant impression do you think Cezanne was trying to create? How is it different from the dominant impression created by dogs playing poker?


In the picture there are five large fury dogs playing a game of poker. They are playing around a round circular table under a bright light in the center of the room. The room looks like it may be one of the dogs’s office because there are books stacked neatly on a shelf behind a curtain. The furniture seems to be quite valuable. Mostly all the dogs are holding a long cigarette with their paws. One of the dogs seems to be winning because he has all the round chips by his side. The look on most of the rest of the dogs is more like a frown instead of a happy face.

In the card players Cezanne created just a friendly type of picture of some man playing cards. In the picture the man look like they are just playing a friendly game for fun. While in the painting of Dogs Playing Poker it seems like the author is trying to advertise poker or the cigars. The dogs seem like they all like gambleling and talking about what happened to them and how their life is going.

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Do you believe that a homemaker who has never been a wage earner should be entitled to a Social Security death benefit for her survivors?

Yes homemakers should be entitled to a Social Security death benefit because some do work harder that others to help maintain their home and their family. I think that it is unfair because Bonnie’s mother worked her whole life milking cows, raising chickens, feeding pigs, planting and harvesting a garden, and canned fruits and vegetables. Yet, when she called to see if she could get a death benefit check after her mother passed away, she was told that her mother was not entitled to a death benefit, because she never worked. When in reality she worked very hard her entire life.

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Decriminalize and Legalize

       Legalizing marijuana in would result in a decrease of organized crime in the United States as well as in Mexico. Today many drug smugglers from Mexico try to smuggle drugs like marijuana into the United States. This creates a large amount of profit for gangs and organized crime. Legalizing marijuana would destroy profit margins destroying gangs and organized crime. Also murder related to marijuana drug trade would decrease significantly.

         Marijuana being illegal today creates profits for gangs and organized crime. Most of the Mexican drug cartel money comes from selling marijuana in the U.S. California is one of the cartel’s biggest markets. In November Californians will vote on deciding whether to legalize the production, sale, and consumption of marijuana. If this law passes it will take away one the cartel’s biggest money maker. Legalizing marijuana would destroy profit margins, destroying gangs, which would  have a  significant decrease on the brutally torturing, murdering and dismembering countless innocent people in the U.S and Mexico.

        One important reason that government should legalize marijuana is that it is less harmful than alcohol. You can’t get an overdose on marijuana while in the other hand with alcohol you can get alcohol poisoning. Alcohol has different effects on people some get rowdy others get happy and loud and others get mad and want to take their anger off on other people. It the number one party substance and at the end of the night when people need to get back home they drive drunk. Which leads to car accidents and innocent people dying. However marijuana is a sit at home and relax type of drug. Many people use it for joint and muscle pain and people with insomnia use marijuana to go to sleep at night.

        Being an illegal trade the product goes untaxed. Which leads for higher profits for criminals and the government is unable to collect the tax for the trade. If government could tax and regulate the production of marijuana it would eliminate the illicit market and the need for law enforcement against marijuana growers. One solution to eliminate gangs is to legalize the production and sale of marijuana to consumers with a tax too low for the cartels to match. This would benefit the government and the overpopulation in jails. Legalizing marijuana would create more jobs in the agricultural field as well as in the medical field. It would really help the economy.

        Today, most marijuana consumers have smoked pot before they graduated high school. Anyone who gets caught with the drug gets a criminal record for possession of marijuana for life. It is no more risky than alcohol and tobacco. With proper standards such as legal age to buy and the amount to be sold to the consumer, federal tax on marijuana, and proper education, this drug result as a potential boon for government. If we can’t stop people from using marijuana or can’t reduce the number of people in jail for possession of marijuana the best solution is decriminalize and legalize it.

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