Decriminalize and Legalize

       Legalizing marijuana in would result in a decrease of organized crime in the United States as well as in Mexico. Today many drug smugglers from Mexico try to smuggle drugs like marijuana into the United States. This creates a large amount of profit for gangs and organized crime. Legalizing marijuana would destroy profit margins destroying gangs and organized crime. Also murder related to marijuana drug trade would decrease significantly.

         Marijuana being illegal today creates profits for gangs and organized crime. Most of the Mexican drug cartel money comes from selling marijuana in the U.S. California is one of the cartel’s biggest markets. In November Californians will vote on deciding whether to legalize the production, sale, and consumption of marijuana. If this law passes it will take away one the cartel’s biggest money maker. Legalizing marijuana would destroy profit margins, destroying gangs, which would  have a  significant decrease on the brutally torturing, murdering and dismembering countless innocent people in the U.S and Mexico.

        One important reason that government should legalize marijuana is that it is less harmful than alcohol. You can’t get an overdose on marijuana while in the other hand with alcohol you can get alcohol poisoning. Alcohol has different effects on people some get rowdy others get happy and loud and others get mad and want to take their anger off on other people. It the number one party substance and at the end of the night when people need to get back home they drive drunk. Which leads to car accidents and innocent people dying. However marijuana is a sit at home and relax type of drug. Many people use it for joint and muscle pain and people with insomnia use marijuana to go to sleep at night.

        Being an illegal trade the product goes untaxed. Which leads for higher profits for criminals and the government is unable to collect the tax for the trade. If government could tax and regulate the production of marijuana it would eliminate the illicit market and the need for law enforcement against marijuana growers. One solution to eliminate gangs is to legalize the production and sale of marijuana to consumers with a tax too low for the cartels to match. This would benefit the government and the overpopulation in jails. Legalizing marijuana would create more jobs in the agricultural field as well as in the medical field. It would really help the economy.

        Today, most marijuana consumers have smoked pot before they graduated high school. Anyone who gets caught with the drug gets a criminal record for possession of marijuana for life. It is no more risky than alcohol and tobacco. With proper standards such as legal age to buy and the amount to be sold to the consumer, federal tax on marijuana, and proper education, this drug result as a potential boon for government. If we can’t stop people from using marijuana or can’t reduce the number of people in jail for possession of marijuana the best solution is decriminalize and legalize it.

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