What dominant impression do you think Cezanne was trying to create? How is it different from the dominant impression created by dogs playing poker?


In the picture there are five large fury dogs playing a game of poker. They are playing around a round circular table under a bright light in the center of the room. The room looks like it may be one of the dogs’s office because there are books stacked neatly on a shelf behind a curtain. The furniture seems to be quite valuable. Mostly all the dogs are holding a long cigarette with their paws. One of the dogs seems to be winning because he has all the round chips by his side. The look on most of the rest of the dogs is more like a frown instead of a happy face.

In the card players Cezanne created just a friendly type of picture of some man playing cards. In the picture the man look like they are just playing a friendly game for fun. While in the painting of Dogs Playing Poker it seems like the author is trying to advertise poker or the cigars. The dogs seem like they all like gambleling and talking about what happened to them and how their life is going.

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